La National Film
Chamber Orchestra

Kabusacki and Otomo Yoshihide | PHON vol.1- Improvised Session 2011.05.01
2011, PHON (JP)

Kabusacki and Samalea | Al limiti del mondo
2011, RGS Music (AR)

About Fernando Kabusacki

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Fernando Kabusacki (Rosario, Argentina, 1965) plays electric, synthesized and acoustic guitars and currently lives in Buenos Aires.

Kabusacki played and collaborated extensively with Charly Garcia, María Gabriela Epumer, Juana Molina, Francisco Bochaton, Flopa, Liliana Herrero, A Tirador Laser, Fernando Samalea, Maria Eva Albistur, Seiichi Yamamoto, Yuji Katsui, Buffalo Daughter, Nikada, Migue Garcia, The Electric Gauchos, Vertigo Colectivo, Mono Fontana, Futura Bold and The MPGs.

Kabusacki is one of the founder members of Los Gauchos Alemanes, having toured with them through Europe, United States, Argentina and Chile since 1992, on some occasions as part of Robert Fripp "Soundscapes" tours.

Kabusacki conducts and performs with La National Film Chamber Orchestra (currently residing at Malba) and composed several original soundtracks for animations, short films and movies collaborating with directors like Pablo Rodriguez Jauregui, Julia Solomonoff, Lucia Cedron, Ernesto Livon Grossman, Jorge Caterbona and Teresa Costantini .

In 2008 Kabusacki won the Condor de Plata award for Best Music for Films in Argentina.
FK has also recorded and played live with musicians from different backgrounds such as Robert Fripp & The League of Crafty Guitarists, Kei, China, Yae, Mussa Phelps, Hermeto Pascoal, Yoshimi, Yoshitake Expe, Dub Marronics , Miho Hatori, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Kido Natsuki, Yasuhiro Yoshigaki, Ikuko Harada, Axel Krygier, Santiago Vazquez, Alejandro Franov, Roxana Amed and many others.

Kabusacki has released 6 CDs as a solo artist: Houses I, The Planet and its beings, Luz de Oro de Chiporrita, Together, La Maravilla and The Flower and the Radio. In Japan 6 collaborative records have been released: The Planet Transport, The Ten Oxherding Pictures and Kirie (Kabusacki Tokyo Session), Chichipio (Buenos Aires Session vol I), Izumi (Bs As Session Vol II) produced in collaboration with Yuji Katsui and Seiichi Yamamoto and "Live at Cinema Club, Tokyo" (Rovo + Franov/ Kabusacki/ Vazquez).

Currently plays, tours and records with Charly Garcia, Robert Fripp & The League of Crafty Guitarists, Francisco Bochaton, Flopa, La Congreso World Templation, Vertigo Colectivo and La National Film Chamber Orchestra.

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