La National Film
Chamber Orchestra

Kabusacki and Otomo Yoshihide | PHON vol.1- Improvised Session 2011.05.01
2011, PHON (JP)

Kabusacki and Samalea | Al limiti del mondo
2011, RGS Music (AR)


EspaƱol | English

La National Film Chamber Orchestra, founded and directed by Fernando Kabusacki and collaborating with Fimoteca Buenos Aires since 1991, is an ensamble specialized in playing music for silent films.

Lineups are always changing and guests and members included musicians such as Matias Mango, Mono Fontana, Fernando Samalea, Charly Garcia, Fito Paez, Juana Molina, Axel Krygier, Alejandro Franov, Santiago Vazquez, Juan Ravioli, Migue Garcia, Wenchi Lazo, Mussa Phelps, Marcos Cabezas, Maria Eva Albistur, Pablo Dawidowicz, Sergio Bulgakov, DJ Marfany, Franco Fontanarrosa, Lautaro Guida and Martin Iannaconne among many others.

La National Film Chamber Orchestra released "Murnau's Faust Live" and prepares new CD releases for 2009. Currently plays live at Malba and at Canal 7 TV Argentina, in the program Filmoteca.



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